Techion Gaming Partners

Channel Footage Guidelines

**This section is a work in progress, please check back later.

Raw Footage Guidelines

When uploading footage from server events, you need to make sure you follow our guidelines so we can use your footage properly.

First, if at all possible try to record without any graphics on screen. This isn’t always possible due to live streaming footage so don’t stress to much on this.

Second, maintain a resolution of 720p at minimum and no higher than 1080p. Also, please try to record at 60 fps if possible.

Third, please lightly compress your footage before sending. Do not over compress.

Fourth, please do not cut or alter your video. That is our job.

Fifth, make sure you record your microphone, game audio, and music into separate audio channels. You can have all of this in the first channel but make sure you split everything in the other remaining audio channels. Here is a tutorial for OBS.

Sixth, when uploading your footage, use a service like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or We Transfer to send your footage. Do not use YouTube, Vimeo or other video hosting services as this will compress the footage.

How will I be credited?

We will display your name, or channel logo on a section of the video. We will also link you in the description. You will also have your name in the end cards. However, you will not have a link on screen due to the limited number of links we are allocated. If you are a Techion Gaming partner, you will be listed on the partners page of our website. Please see below.


  • Will my footage be used?
    • Most of the time yes. However, if we can’t find a fit for your footage then sadly no.
  • Will I be paid?
    • Not at this time.
  • Do I need to be a partner to send footage?
    • If you are sending raw footage from an event, no. However, to upload your own edited videos, yes.
  • Can I monetize my footage on my own channel?
    • Yes! You may monetize how you see fit on your channel.
  • What happens to the profits?
    • All profits are used to cover server fees for Techion Gaming.
  • Why wasn’t my footage used?
    • There could be a number of reasons but mostlikely it was poor content or violation of our guidelines.
  • Can I still upload my footage to my channel?
    • Yes! You are just using our channel to gain more exposure. Feel free.

Techion Gaming Partners

These are the wonderful content creators that make Techion Gaming awesome. They range from artists to let’s players, from influences to streamers and everything in between. They are the voice of Techion Gaming.


Owner of Techion Gaming

Hello I am Auston, better known as Croft3r. Outside of Techion Gaming, I run a computer service business, Zone PC Services. In my free time, you can find me on Techion and out flying my racing drone at my local drone park. I try to stay on the level of my members so please feel free to talk with me. I love to make new friends on Techion Gaming.




I’m a Part-Time Streamer from Georgia. Mostly I enjoy just playing Multiplayer with my Friends. I am trying to start playing some more Story based games, such as Mass Effect. I Also have a YouTube Channel where you guys can catch up on some stream highlights.Anyways hope you guys enjoy my Streams.




Hello I am RB. I haven’t written a bio yet. Pester me until I do!

I want to be a partner!

Currently, we are invite only. However, we will be allowing users to sign up soon. For now, if you want to be a partner, join the community and drop some hints towards Croft3r and we will see what happens.