Techion Gaming Minecraft Server Access (Trial)


Request a four hour trial of our server for free!



Welcome to Techion Gaming! Thank you for your interest in our server! You can request a free trial of the server for 4 hours from the time you are whitelisted. During this time you will have the same level of access as a standard member. However, you will be unwhitelisted once your trial ends.

How do I specify my username?

You will be asked for your Minecraft username on the checkout page. Make sure you double check your name is exact!

Can I register a trial for a friend?

Not really, you only get one trial per account so if you specify their name you can no longer register anymore trials. Please have your friend create an account and register for the trial.

How long is the trial?

4 hours.

When is my trial activated?

To activate your trial, logon to the server and press the update button at the end of the room. Do make sure you get a server handbook!

What happens if I get banned during my trial? Can I purchase a membership to get unbanned?

No, if you are banned, you will remained banned even if you purchase a membership. You should appeal your ban by contacting us. However, please note that we WILL NOT renew your trial if your trial is over, you must purchase a membership to join back if you are unbanned.

I had a problem with my trial. My PC crashed, my internet died, the server died, etc…

If you were unable to use your trial you can request a new trial by contacting us.

I completed my trial but I want to extend my trial. Is this possible?

Sadly, we do not offer extensions on trials.

What if I have a question that was not answered here?

Please check the original product that brought you here. Click here


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