The Community Server

Vote for our Monthly Server

Every month, we spin up a new server based on a vote from the community!

We will run that server for the month then at the end of the month we will vote again. You can vote to extend the server by another month, switch to a new server, or if community interest and support is great enough we can keep the server and start a new monthly server.

How does voting work?

When we vote, we go through a few rounds of voting to find the best choice. During the month we compile a large list of potential servers. On the first few voting rounds you can select multiple options.

Once you get near the end you can only select one item. 

Voting normally takes about 2 to 5 days.

Cast your vote!

Voting is currently open! Please submit your vote to the right!

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Voting Closed!

Voting is currently closed! Please wait until the end of the month for the next round of voting. In the mean time, you can suggest some games above using the write in form.