MineWars has Shutdown

MineWars was established on January 1st, 2012 and has had an amazing run! From our first vanilla server back in 2012, to our incredibly popular MineWars Universe server, we have had some amazing times! However, due to falling interest, funds, and an overall fall in community stability; we have decided to shutdown MineWars.


This decision isn’t without heavy hearts. We will always treasure the amazing times we had on MineWars, and learn from the bad times we endured. However, this isn’t the end of everything. A small section of the community, lead by Croft3r, has started a brand new community focused around technology and gaming. They are called Techion Gaming.

Techion Gaming is a community built around two things… technology, and gaming. Our goal is to make a place for those who love technology, DIY projects, electronics, computers, consoles, and most importantly… gaming.

Below are two links, one to Techion Gaming and another to a poster created to celebrate the legacy of MineWars and its members. Please note, all profits from the final days poster will go on to benefit Techion Gaming.

Thanks to everyone who made MineWars awesome!

Learn about Techion GamingMineWars Final Days Poster

What happens to MineWars Servers?

The MineWars website will forever point to this page until we eventually let go of the domains. However, you will always be able to view an archive of our website and social media. We will not be deleting these so you will be able to look back on MineWars as it used to be.

As for our Minecraft servers, they are buried within backup after backup on Croft3r’s home server. They won’t likely see the light of day but they are there. If you would like a world download, you can try contacting Croft3r on Techion Gaming.

Below are two links, one links to our website archive and another links to your YouTube channel. We will no longer be posting updates to this YouTube channel. However, we will not be deleting it.


Website ArchiveYoutube Archive