Become a Supporter

**Note** This page is still under construction!

What perks do I get?

Supporting the Techion community means a lot to everyone involved and for supporting us, you will get the awesome rewards listed below.

The Community Server

Every month the supporters vote for a game we host. So if one month everyone wants to play Garry’s mod, we get a Garry’s Mod server for a month. If they want an Ark Survival server, then we spin one up.

It is all up to our supporters and what they want. And, if the server is popular enough, then we will make the server a permanent feature of the whole community. Then, we will vote on another monthly server.

Private Channels on the Discord

This one is a simple one but supporters get their very own channel on the Discord. This is a great place for news to be shared and for everyone to make friends.

Discounts in the Store

Every now and then we will run sales for our supporters. This allows you to get all sorts of merch much cheaper when we run these sales.

We typically run sales around holidays or maybe just randomly in the month.

Beta Test

You get to test our brand new servers. Before we publish a server to the public, we like to have people beta test the server. Whilst testing, we ask that you report any bugs you see.

However, one of the best reasons to join is to get a head start before the flood gates are opened. This lets you establish yourself in the game and gives you a lot of influence over new players. 

You run the community

Well, sort of. Essentially this means we try to run all community decisions by you first before they are set into motion. You are the ones that make the community possible and you should have a significant voice in the community you support.

How do I start?

There are many different ways to support the community. This can be anything from being a huge part of the community and helping others to giving us donations to keep the lights on. Below are a few ways you can start.

Patreon - The best way

This is our most preferred way but any way helps. Patreon is a service that allows you to contribute a monthly donation of your choice in exchange for several unique rewards.

The Patreon gives you WAY MORE rewards than just being a supporter. First off, you get first pick on changes in the community and you to do alpha and indev testing before the supporters.

This method is also the one that helps out the community the most as it provides us a consistent income.

Even $1/month helps and gets you rewards!!!

Join Patreon
Support Us - The supportive way

So this may be a bit confusing, here is what it means. This is a way for people to become a supporter without spending any money at all. This essentially means you are a huge part of the community and you interact with it.

This is typically rewarded to those who have been here for a long time or who are incredibly active in the community.

These people are the ones who work to actually grow the community and keep it together.

Donate on the website

We understand that Patreon isn’t for everyone, that is why we enable you to donate on our website in the shop. Now, since you can enter any amount from $1 to… $$$ you get rewarded after the fact.

Typically you are rewarded based on the Patreon rewards for a month or if your donation is significant enough it gets spread out over several months.

Either way, this is an incredibly helpful way to keep the community running. While it isn’t consistent this donation is well appreciated and DOES make a huge difference in the community no matter how small the donation is.

Donate Here

Ignore everything below this

Our private server is largely based off the idea of the community of Hermitcraft and Mindcrack. However, our server can be accessed by the general public. Unlike most Minecraft servers, this server has paid entry of at least $1. You can specify any amount from $1 to $50. However, any amount results in the same access.

On the server, we request people build near spawn or at least have some sort of shop in spawn. Our goal is to have an extremely active spawn area and community. Everything on the server including the spawn is built in survival Minecraft. The one exception is a small bedrock room underground for command blocks running different scripts such as, the Hermitcraft datapack and a few custom tweaks.

On our server, we also push the new Minecraft textures. We are expecting the new textures to drop within the next year so we want our server to look nice when they do. Just join and accept the resource pack and you should be good to go.

Like the current Hermitcraft Season 6 server, we have divided our server into various areas that are based around specific themes. You can view our Dynamic map below to see these areas. This map is updated anytime something happens on the server, so you always see an updated map.

Okay, I joined now what?

Your guide to the server

Thank you for joining! Now, you need to know how the server works and how to play. Below is a full guide on how the server works. Everything from gameplay to plugins, to commands to some useful links.

Speaking of useful links, below are some quick links to various sections.

Welcome to Techion Gaming! To join our server we ask that you contribute at least $1.

Servers are expensive and this helps us pay the bill. However, we leave the actual price up to you. You can specify any amount from $1 to $50. Now, do keep in mind any amount results in the same access to the server, but larger amounts help us pay the server and will keep us up for much longer.


Just make sure you know that anything above $1 is considered a donation and is NOT required to join the server!!!


Below is an FAQ section. If your question is not listed below, please contact us.

Help! I made a mistake with my username!
That is fine, just contact us with your order number and your correct username and we will get you sorted!
I want to change my Minecraft username, will I still have access to the server?
Yes, you should maintain access to the server. However, if you have any problems with this, please contact us with your order number and your new username and we will have things changed over.
Can I purchase a membership for a friend?
Yes! However, you must create a completely separate order for them and specify their exact username during checkout. It is highly recommend that you give your friend the order number just in case they have issues in the future.
My friend bought me a membership and I changed my Minecraft username / account! Have I lost access?
If possible contact your friend and ask for the original order number. Please contact us with the order number, your previous username, and your new username. If you do not have the original order number, please contact us.
Can I try out the server first?
Yes! You can test out our server before you buy. You can get a four hour trial completely free over here: Click Here
Is this a recurring payment?
No, you just have to pay once and you are done. If you want to donate in the future you can use our donate product for a single donation or checkout our Patreon to get awesome rewards.
What happens if I break the rules and get banned? Do I get my money back?
No, you have to follow the rules like everyone else and we do not offer refunds in this case. However, we do understand mistakes happen so you can always appeal a ban on our website.
Can I get a refund?
You can get a refund so long as you request the refund within 7 days of purchase. After this we can not guarantee the acceptance of your refund. Also, if we accept your refund you will be removed from the server.
How long does it take to be whitelisted?
You will be whitelisted as soon as you join the server. Just join the server and press the update button at the end of the room.
In the future if the server closes, what happens to the world and my builds? are they gone?
We have no intentions of closing the server, but if we did we will post a download of the world on our website for members only.
Why does the product list a stock? are slots limited?
For now, slots are limited to 100 players. We will extend this in the future based on server usage and demand.
Where can I find information about the server, such as rules and what I can do?
You can find information on the server info page here.
Why does the product list a stock? are slots limited?
For now, slots are limited to 100 players. We will extend this in the future based on server usage and demand.
Will the server ever go public for free?
As of right now, no. We plan to keep this server paid. However, we may open free servers in the future.
If this is just a Minecraft server, why do you need my address?
We are legally required to collect your address for billing purposes. Don’t worry we will never sell this data or reveal it.
I don't have PayPal!
We understand that not everyone uses PayPal and so does PayPal. That is why you can checkout as a guest at PayPal. This allows you to have the security of PayPal all without having an account.
Is my card info safe?
Yes! We run all payments through PayPal. This means we NEVER touch your card. We just get a confirmation from PayPal saying you paid and we continue your order.
What happens if I do a charge back?
If you run a charge back against us, sadly you will be permanently banned from all of our services free and paid. Please contact us to discuss financial issues. We have to enforce this due to the number of scams people commit with charge backs.
Why does PayPal mention Zone PC Services? What is going on here?
Techion Gaming is owned by Zone PC Services. Zone PC Services is ran by Croft3r who also runs Techion Gaming.