About Techion Gaming

Techion Gaming is a community built around two things… technology, and gaming. Our goal is to make a place for those who love technology, DIY projects, electronics, computers, consoles, and most importantly… gaming.

Join our Servers

Techion Gaming has a variety of servers. You can find a full list of all of our servers below.

** Right now, we are still setting up so check back later for a larger list.

We have a discord server! We have several channels setup that allow you to talk about whatever you want in a nice and simple place.

Techion Vanilla

Techion Vanilla is a private server setup for the Techion Gaming community. To join, you must purchase a membership. A membership cost between $1-$50. The price is up to you.

Lost Civilizations

You were a passenger on flight 107. The last thing you remember is falling asleep during the flight. You wake up to a crash landed plane on a deserted island. The other passengers have formed primitive groups. You can join them or form your own, your only goal is to survive.

Checkout our Forums

Our forums are a great place to meet other and discuss about the server. This is a place where you can share ideas and interact with the community. You can even make bug reports for our servers.